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WP Video Ace is the brand new 2016 WordPress video player plugin that features some of the newest and most powerful “engagement effects” of all time! Get your copy with our WP Video Ace Discount today.

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List Of WP Video Ace Features:

  • Can create custom video players for youtube, video URL (amazon for example), or local wordpress media upload.
  • Can force fullscreen mode between any start and end point in the playback of video. 
  • Can have the video go to a ‘fixed thumbnail playback’ when visitor scrolls on page.
  • Can select any screen corner, (top left or right, bottom left or right) for ‘fixed thumbnail playback’.
  • All players have custom control for width in percentage (fluid mobile responsive, or fixed playback)
  • All players can specify aspect ratio and video playback quality (so can force HD mode for youtube for example)
  • Player can ‘lock’ custom content to appear between any start and end point in video playback ‘locked custom content’ can by anything (text, image, buy button, opt in form, or even entire post)
  • ‘Locked custom content’ can appear above, below, to the left or right of video
  • ‘Locked custom content’ can also appear in shortcode anywhere on post or page.

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You can now take complete control of the WordPress video marketing niche. All by applying the newest and most powerful “engagement effects” to ANY video that you would like to apply it too. (This works on Youtube, Local Video Uploads, OR any Video URL)

Its time to take your WordPress Video Marketing to the next level and boost your viewers and engagement stats through the roof with a few simple and quick steps! Use our WP Video Ace Discount today and you will receive tons of FREE Bonuses that will also help you in your WordPress Video marketing. 

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