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For The SyncMSG Discount

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Today here at Coupon Complete we are proud to provide you with a nice over look or review of the all software! While you’re here you might as well use our special SyncMSG Discount.

Please be aware that this promotion maybe only be available for a very brief period of time and can expire at any time.   

What Is SyncMSG?

SyncMSG is not a Facebook Messenger chatbot, but it does integrate with an all third party
messenger/bot software that you can now own! (You can also use SyncMSG without FB
messenger software)
SyncMSG bridges the gap between 3 different platforms by allowing you to sync
email leads, Facebook push notifications and Facebook Messenger subscribers – with
a single click of your mouse.
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Now, generate 3 of the most powerful leads in one step:
  • without typing one line of code
  • without sending their prospects confusing instructions on how to sign up to different lists
  • without paying extra for ads
  • without their prospect ever having to enter their email address
  • without having to export/import any lead manually

Why Buy SyncMSG?

Recently, Facebook Messenger chat bots have seen a huge boom! Businesses are now aware of the importance of
diversifying how they reach out to their audience. It has already been sought out that people are emailing their lists and running ads,
trying to get people to sign up as Messenger subscribers.

Everyone is inspired by the high open rates of Messenger lists, but people still want to generate email leads on top of
messenger subscribers?
It has also been seen that Facebook push notifications getting similar high open rates.
Taking advantage of all 3 platforms for reaching your audience is hard work. How do you get your subscribers to sign up for all 3 – without confusing them and disrupting your marketing messages?
By combining all 3 of the most powerful lead platforms with the click of a button?
…allowing you to diversify your reach and guarantee every single one of your messages is read by your audience?
Why tell your audience to manually go jump through hoops to different pages to sign up for different lists and platforms?

SyncMSG Bonuses:

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