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If you have ever worked on building any WordPress sites on a live server then you’ll know exactly how slow & frustrating it can be, and… if the slow upload speed & the occasional lost page isn’t bad enough…

Installing a new plugin, theme or update risks breaking your site, which means downtime plus all of the lost revenue!

All of the WordPress pros avoid these issues by developing & testing sites offline on a localhost – this is just like a real host – but it runs on your PC/MAC and doesn’t broadcast your sites to the world. Local host servers are free, so why don’t we all use them?

The one problem seems to be that setting up a localhost server includes doing all of the annoying stuff like editing all of the PHP files, creating databases, installing updates & configuring it for speed plus dealing with a whole load of operating system & security issues. And… even if you manage to set one up, you still won’t be able to use any modern WP themes or plugins, sounds like a boring site to me…

Setting up just one WP test site is hard enough… most marketers need a dozen and still some, for their own projects. Now that’s a days work whole load of techie effort.

Well, not any more…

WP Localhost, which launches March, 23, creates 23 fully configured WP test sites that run rapidly on a MAC/PC in just 3 minutes.

The WP LocalHost Coupon / Discount will only last a few days, So dont wait get your product now!       … Plus there’s a few extra’s if you get the early bird Discount!

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