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Erica WebmasterVidfuse is a mobile and web video editing application developed by Walt Bayliss.  While video editing tools aren’t new, Vidfuse brings together an incredible Web and Mobile experience allowing a video creator to shoot video on mobile, edit and publish right from the spot. No Desktop software required. 

With our Vidfuse Coupon and special offer, you can take advantage of this APP at the absolute best price available.

Vidfuse includes Store Intro’s, Outro’s, Lower thirds, Images, and soundtracks in the unlimited cloud storage.  Exclusive Interviews with Youtube LEGENDS. Each with 1 Million PLUS Subscribers is also part of the package.  Learn how they did it and tips for growth. The time with these amazing influencers is worth THOUSANDS of dollars. The interviews are INCLUDED with your Vidfuse purchase.



Do You Have A Demonstration of VidFuse?

Of course!..  Here is a video demonstration of the Vidfuse application by Walt Bayliss.

Having Trouble Viewing The Vidfuse Demonstration & Coupon Video?


 What is Vidfuse? 

Vidfuse is THE mobile platform video editing app. Creating video content has never been so fast, easy and affordable until now!

Of course, we know that video editing tools are nothing new, Vidfuse separates itself from every other video editing app by bringing together everything needed to create an incredible Web / Mobile editing experience. With this editing app, you can do everything right there inside of the app… You can even record your video to use right inside of the app. Now that is only an option as you can obviously use pre-recorded video to edit and publish. 

This can all EASILY be done right from your phone without ANY technology experience or computer.

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When mashing vlogging and marketing you are able to maximize Vidfuses potential to bring money into your wallets.

You’re creating hyper-engaging content within a few minutes of your time. Unlike other video editing softwares out there you’re not stuck editing for hours… Heck sometimes it takes days to edit with other software but with such an easy to learn and use program like Vidfuse you’ll be  a pro at editing in no time. 

Vidfuse is a Vlogging app for REAL people not millennials. Transform the videos in your phone into high engaging videos with your viewers. Publish your vlogs across the land of social media to build your following as well as to drive REAL organic traffic to your sites to then lead them to your offers to drive traffic to your money making offers. 

With no need for advertising, no need for expensive camera equipment, and no need for complicated editing software, VidFuse is the ultimate hand-held content machine.

Step By Step Tutorial To Leave Your

Competitors in The Dust!

Step 1: Download Vidfuse

If you have a smartphone and it records video it doesn’t matter how old,
beaten up, and cracked the screen is. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t
updated since 2010. As long as you can download the VidFuse App you’ve
got step one covered.

Step 2: Choose Your Videos

Open the app on your phone, or if you’d prefer on our cloud-based web client,
then take all the video you think is dull that no-one will ever be interested in and
load it into the VidFuse editor.

Step 3: Create Highly Engaging Content

Drag and drop your videos into order, add some special VidFuse magic, and
when you’re done share your new Vlog with your adoring fans, on your blogs, and
on whichever social platforms you plan to dominate.

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