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What is Viddify?


Viddify is the ultimate and most powerful new web application out! Viddify is going to embed interactive games into your videos so that your viewer retention will skyrocket through the roof! These games that are going to be embedded into your videos will result in more clicks, leads & sales from your videos. Meaning your site is going to be more active than ever and you will have more potential everyday viewers become everyday viewers because they will find your website more interesting than the everyday sites with just plain boring videos… Giving you the advantage towards your competitors!



How Does Viddify Work?


  • First, Import Your Video
  • Next, Check Your Current Retention Rate
  • Then, Boost Your Retention Percentage By Adding Viddify To Your Videos


Avidity Example

With just a click of a button, Viddify will add a game to the average “drop point” of your video… As a result, you’ll see your video’s retention rate increase immediately.As a result of your boosted retention rate, you’ll notice an increase in your clicks and most importantly – your sales!

More About Viddify:

Viddify Lets You  Incentivize Your Users To Play Viddify Games


If your view wins the game, they can get discount codes, instant downloads, or any other type of rewards you are going to want to embed! This is going to keep your audience coming back to your website so they can get a discount or any reward, because everyone likes free stuff right?

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