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Today at Deals.ms we are proud to present you with the special SyVid discount.  This discount is going to save you almost half off retail pricing of SyVid.  SyVid the cloud based app was developed by the well respected Abhi Dwivedi.

Please be aware that this promotion maybe only be available for a very brief period of time and can expire at any time.   


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What Is SyVid?

Creating videos is easy and there are a handful of really good software that help you create videos for your marketing.

  • BUT what do you do once you create a video?
  • HOW do you make them useful?
  • HOW do you get traffic from those videos?

SyVid lets you upload and publish your videos to 8 video sharing websites with just a few clicks, getting you the much needed video rankings, free traffic, leads and sales.

SyVid is a cloud based app where you upload a single video which is then automatically uploaded and published on 8 different video sharing websites along with unique Title, Descriptions and your keywords. Not only that, once your video has been distributed and published on all those 8 video sharing websites, it automatically lets your share the link of those videos to 15 different social media websites to get you instant traffic you need to get ranked and start attracting leads and sales.

SyVid a super easy to use cloud based app that anyone can use and finally start putting those amazing videos they’ve created, to good use.\

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Some of SyVid’s Awesome Features:

  • SyVid Drags In Instant Traffic
  • Automatically Shares a Video Across 15 Different Social Medias
  • Automatically Uploads a Video on 8 Different Social Medias
  • Campaign Based Organization
  • Unique Title, Descriptions & Keywords
  • One-Click Connect
  • Connect Multiple Accounts
  • Upload Scheduling
  • 100% Whitehat and Approved
  • Cloud based app
  • Established & Evergreen Product



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