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Admin Update:  Hurry The Pixel Studio FX is raising the price each day during the launch.  We Just Updated The Coupon Code on 08/23/2018 to make sure you continue to receive the best price available.



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What is Pixel Studio FX?

Pixel Studio FX is an online service that allows anyone to create professional, high converting eCovers and box art in 60 seconds or less. Our 13,000 members have created 200,000+ eCovers.
With more than 32,000 instant eCovers, 8,000 stock images, 6,000 web icons, and 300 fonts, it’s easy to see why Pixel Studio FX is one of the world’s easiest-to-use design tool for eBooks.

This proven cash-generating offer has sold over $1,000,000 since September 2015. Previously Pixel Studio FX was offered for between $47 and $67. Since April 2017, they’ve been offered as monthly and annual subscriptions with no one-time pricing. But during this launch promotion, we’re offering Lifetime Access for one payment of $47.

How Many eCover Templates does Pixel Studio FX Include?

Regardless of how easy a do-it-yourself tool is, everyone needs a starting point.  That’s why Pixel Studio FX 3.0 includes 32,000 templates.  Each one can be customized and edited to fit your needs.

Here’s some samples:


Pixel Studio FX



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